Monday, November 10, 2008

Cow, in graph form

Friday I got my first call from a reporter. He interviewed me about my paper on the environmental impact of meat consumption that has just come out in Ecological Economics. That's almost as good as knowing, somewhere, McDonald's is using my work for evil.

I just got word that my article for Scientific American (one of my favorite long time periodicals, along with the New Yorker), on the environmental impact of diet, should be out next January. Its been heavily delayed because the editors have decided to trim down my 2000 words to 100, and put all of the data in pictures. One idea is to use a picture of a cow with different parts of the cow representing the relative size of the different kinds of environmental impact, i.e. feed, deforestation, etc. I'm skeptical, but we'll see.

Finally, I have a website that I made about 2 years ago called Greenhouse Hamburger. Check it out, try the calculations, and if you have a suggestion of how to make it better, let me know.

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