Thursday, November 13, 2008

California air

Today is a cold and rainy day in DC, but I'm not missing the California air at all. A recent report, discussed in a few news articles, finds that air pollution is responsible for more deaths than car accidents in California.

For those of you in the OC, notice that the invisible bubble seems to be working. According to the report, you're only getting about 15% more air pollution than the national average standard, as opposed to much of the San Joaquin Valley where its around twice the national average.

All of this pollution is costing southern Californians between $1,200 to $1,600 per person!

These numbers are based on annual averages from 2005-2007, and probably include the wild fires that dominate the landscape most summers. I wonder how much the fires contribute, as opposed to cars, planes and trains.

I can almost taste the air just thinking about it.


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priyanka said...


Hi Nathan
California has recorded the most elevated amount of air bone poisons of any state in the United States. This is the worst situation in California.


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