Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finalizing the workplan

The lead manager of the NUSAF evaluation, Sebastian Martinez, came into Kampala for a two day whirlwind of field work design. We met with the research team to discuss the work design, and I have certainly learned a lot from him on designing a survey.

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been how difficult it is to explain any fieldwork on paper, no matter how simple you think it is in your head. A long face-to-face discussion with your field team on every single step of the process is absolutely necessary.

Other than some small issues, the program looks good, and we should be able to begin the field work the first week of November.

On a final, you have to see it to believe it, note, my hotel balcony looks out onto the Grand Imperial Hotel, perhaps the ugliest hotel I have ever seen. I remember them building it last year, and kept thinking to myself: no way is that how it will look when they're done. Sad to say, it has now been opened for a few months, and it still looks the same. Check it out:

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