Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super micro businesses

I presented my preliminary findings for the market survey of Gulu and Kitgum to AVSI yesterday. The comments were very positive, and the presentation generated a lot of interesting discussion about what businesses exist in Acholiland right now.

Some of the more interesting results:
  • The average seller used a starting capital of only 30,000 USH (less than $15).
  • The sellers make about 14,000 USH a week, or less than $1 a day.
  • The markets in Gulu are much more developed than in Kitgum, perhaps explaining why sellers in Gulu are making 50% more than those in Kitgum.
  • There are very few markets, and meat is very hard to find.
  • People that buy from the source and not a middleman are making 75% more a week.
I have posted the Power Point slides here. I welcome any comments. I expect to have a final report in the coming weeks.

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