Friday, May 15, 2009

Some environmental links

  • Economists View expresses some doubts that we can trust corporate responsiblity for the environment. This also reminds me of problems I have had with "creative capitalism", a term used to describe for profit businesses partnering with development agencies, devised by Bill Gates.
  • While I think cap and trade is a second or third best option (FP breaks it down simply here), Matthew Yglesias reminds us that the best option, a tax, could be designed by congress much, much worse.
  • Of course, most Americans think cap and trade refers to Wall Street.
  • But then there is new news that a good carbon tax idea may be coming from the Republicans of all people. I like the idea of a payroll tax cut to make it "tax neutral" as the point is not really to make money. (Finally I agree with Mankiw about something)
  • I was not familiar with the term "black carbon", which refers to the soot from cooking stoves until a NYT article on it, linked by UN Dispatch. I am a big fan of solar cookers, though the upfront costs are high. This graphic suggests it may be worth it though:

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