Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do you know what your publisher is doing right now?

How about gun sales.

It looks like a few years ago Reed Elsevier, one of the biggest publishers of scientific journals, was in the international arms fair business. In June 2007 they pulled out after pressure. Check out a short description from the Campaign Against Arms Trade.

I found the link on a post over at Bad Science about how Elsevier has also been publishing drug company fanzines. Seems they made a "special edition" dedicated to the drugs Vioxx and Fosamax.

For those of us worried that drug companies were taking over medical scientists, we were thinking too small. They're also taking over science journals.

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naman said...

sadly it won't end there.

Nice blog - I came across it through the Collier critique which I appreciated. Epidemiology and economics methods have a lot in common.