Friday, April 24, 2009

Some new links

  • Cheap Talk has an interesting theory on why we naturally prefer other people's cooking to our own: we get used to the smell of food when we're cooking it, but it's new to us when someone else has done the work.
  • Esther Duflo presents new evidence over at Vox that abstinence education doesn't work nearly as well as letting people know the risks of different sexual partners. What this says to me is that forcing a message of no sex is both coercive and counter productive. We need to give people better information so they make better choices.
  • Hat tip to MR for finding a useful Netflix History Analyzer. I am personally paying $4.13 per rental, which I think is a fine price.
  • As a big fan of sailing, I am delighted to hear from TreeHugger that modern container ships are now moving slower than old fashion sail transports in order to conserve fuel. They also remind us that sail boats don't necessarily need more people to steer them. Go sail power!

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