Monday, February 16, 2009

Some new links

  1. PSD blog recently noted a new possibility for using cell phones in developing countries: making money by translating text messages.
  2. I'm a big fan of Bill Easterly and his new blog Aid Watch, but it seems like his newest post is a rant against multi-disciplinarianism. I guess even the best of economists can be allowed a few minutes of insanity.
  3. A scientist is claiming that keeping calm under pressure is due to a chemical response in the brain. This may explain why, to the annoyance of most people in my PhD cohort, I never get nervous before presentations.
  4. Publication bias is a serious problem. Bad Science has a post to a recent paper that has found only about 20% of cancer trials have been published. We can't know exactly why they have kept silent, but scientific research is in trouble if this is generalizable to other research fields.
  5. Anyone that is interested in the shifting morality of modern society should check out this recent post on the ethics of food and sex. I find it incredibly fascinating how food has only recently become a moral choice, while sex is no longer considered one by most people.

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