Saturday, February 7, 2009

Environmental links of the week

  1. A loyal reader of Post Conflicted brought a new project in New York to my attention: an "eco-convent" run by Episcopal nuns. The story can be found at the NYT here.
  2. And thanks to my roommate who pointed out that we should stop worrying so much about our bottled water and instead look at our bottled orange juice. According to Tropicana's own research, mentioned at, production, packaging and distribution of a half gallon orange juice container is three times worse for the environment than a bottle of water flown half way around the world.
  3. The Environmental Film Festival is coming soon to DC. I'll be there for sure.
  4. Looking for a "green" job? has launched what they call a "green collar job board". From their press release: "The green collar job board compiles hundreds of job listings from across the United States, targeting employment opportunities that enhance sustainability—from alternative energy specialists and LEED building construction workers to landscape architects and administrative positions at environmentally-focused non-profits."
  5. I'm working on a chapter for a book on sustainable energy tentatively entitled "Measuring Sustainable Energy: Getting the Numbers Right". My idea is to discuss how to measure the sustainability of new energy technologies and ensure we are actually getting there. It looks like people at the Financial Times Energy Conference in London argued a similar idea, discussed at the New Scientist. For instance, producing efficient solar cells requires very rare minerals which are not easy to find.

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