Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recent links

Some random recent links I found interesting:
  1. Looking for a totally nerdy comic that is also empirical Bayesian friendly?
  2. A top Bush administration official has admitted the US tortured a Saudi national citizen. Problem is, this guy was the final hijacker on Sept 11 and is most likely all around pretty nasty, but some of the evidence can't be used against him. As Obama said this week of the Guantanamo prisoners: "some of the evidence against them may be tainted, even though it's true." What are we going to do with him?
  3. A close look at our drinking water has found "the widespread but low-level presence of pharmaceuticals and hormonally active chemicals". Check out some of the top 11 chemicals we're all drinking. My favorites are Carbamazepine, "a mood-stabilising drug used to treat bipolar disorder" and Meprobamate, "a tranquiliser widely used in psychiatric treatment". No wonder I keep jonesing for a glass of water these days.
  4. I often dabbled in pinhole photography during my time in Dallas, TX as a semiprofessional photographer, but these are far better than anything I have done. They took 6 months to shoot and are incredible.
  5. The recession have you strapped for cash? Why not make your own iPod speakers.

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