Monday, October 13, 2008

Photos from the field

I finally figured out how to get my photos up!

Here’s a view of Nebbi town from the mountain.

Probably the best group I have met so far is a group of orphan carpenters. The building is well kept and full of tools and materials, and the leader seems to be very well organized.

When I arrived, quite a few people were working.

We eventually gathered the group, from which we picked out 4 volunteers.

Here my research assistant is explaining the rules of the public goods game to the volunteers.

We next went to Apac to view a motorcycle repair group. A number of members have stayed together and train others in the town. The rest have taken some tools and moved away to the villages.

For Uhuru (independence) day on October 9, I was in Lira. Despite being a very busy town, the round-about near my hotel, as you can see, was quite that day.

In Gulu I went to visit a bee keeping group. I don’t like bees, but they were quite that day, and we didn’t stay long enough to disturb them.

Here is the path we walked to the bee hives. As you can see, it follows the old rail line, which sadly is no longer running. If you look closely, you can see a midday traffic jam of bicycles.

The group had recently harvested some of the honey combs.

Finally, a new hotel/Indian restaurant has opened in town. Here’s a view of half of Gulu from the top floor, which my new favorite location.

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